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  • Name: Serving Club Activities Episode-Trial Lesson: The Lusty Club Activities Time ~First Lesson~
  • Developer: Ex-Erotia
  • Translator: No
  • Version: v1.303
  • OS: Windows
  • Date: 2022-04-15
  • Size: Zip~360mb; Unzip~1.9gb
  • Language: Japanese, Chinese traditional, Chinese simplified, English
  • Genre: Censored, School setting, Nurse, Student, Harem, Foot Job, Vanilla Sex, Anal Sex, Big Tits, 2dcg, animated, puzzle, vaginal sex maturation, milf, cosplay, Titfuck

1. OverView:

In the near future the declining birth rate has proceeded beyond the point of return. You, the protagonist, are a modified human who has undergone DNA engineering to maximize fertility. Use your super semen to impregnate all the girls!


Password Download:


v1.303 Release

Developer notes

This is a turn based tile-matching style game.

You can damage your opponent by eliminating the orbs of the same color.
You can also use skills and items to defeat boss characters.

  • Characters: 3
  • Facial Expression Variations: 10 per character
  • Clothing Variations: 4 per character
  • Live 2D H Scenes: 12


  • Planning / Original Idea: Unlimited-Neon
  • Scenario: Natsuoto Okita
  • Scenario Assistance: Namigi
  • Illustration: Darkmaya (@darkmaya12)
  • Live2D: Fujji
  • Program Designer: Keigyo, zihe
  • Chinese Translation: Rosetta Project (@rosetta_pj)
  • English Translation: Mr. Sinner
  • Audio Materials: OtoLogic
  • Amacha Music Studio
  • Kurage Koushou (Jellyfish Artisan)
  • Taira Komori
  • Production: Ex-Erotia

Special Thanks to
Video PV: Kobayashi

3. Mod note:

  • Full Money
  • Mua item trong Shop không tốn tiền.
  • Tớ không dám up game (ngoài port android) của Dlsite lên web vì lý do bản quyền nhé các bro! Nên nhớ đọc kỹ hướng dẫn cài đặt bên dưới nhé.

4. installation note:

  1. Tải xuống/Giải nén game và Mod Patch.
  2. Copy đè thư mục Managed trong Mod Patch vào folder game của bạn.
  3. Vào game và thưởng thức thôi.

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