Game Details

  • Name: Pig Demon and Female Samurai
  • Developer: Circle No 1
  • Translator: No
  • Version: Final
  • OS: Windows, Android
  • Date: 2022-02-18
  • Size: Win~1.6gb; Apk~790mb
  • Language: English (DeepL by Shisaye )
  • Genre: 2DCG, 2D Game, Japanese Game, Censored, Female Protagonist, Rape, Vaginal Sex, Big Tits, Monster, Monster Sex, Pregnancy, Child Birth

1. OverView:

The “Pig Demon” came from the West, and the “Pig Demon Disaster” led to the destruction of the Japanese nation. But at the same time, with the new power brought from the West. But at the same time, with the new power brought from the West, the people of the archipelago were able to defeat the King of the Pig Demon after a fierce battle.
Many years have passed since then. ……

Shizuka Hiiragi, a female samurai in Sasara Castle’s guard, was wondering about the recent increase in the number of pig demons. I’m sure you’ll be able to understand why. ……
Feeling responsible for the death of her subordinate and the victims, Shizuka decided to train. That night, the Pig Demon General, who has the wisdom to even speak human language, appeared. It was all the dark work of this Pig Demon General.
Shizuka Hiiragi was defeated when she was taken advantage of, and was raped and sired while crying out the name of her beloved.

The swelling ambition of the Pig Demon Lord swallowed up Shizuka Hiiragi, and even the Sasara Kingdom.
And even the land of Sasara will be swallowed up. ……!​


Password Download:

Translator Notes

Known issues:
Picture based text not translated.

If you experience a crash, game-breaking bug or seriously broken text please post me a screenshot and a short description when it happened. Providing a save just before the problem occurs would drastically increase the speed of the fixing process.

3. mod note:

Mod only on android:

  • Gold
  • Recovery
  • Stats
  • All items
  • Level +10

4. control:

  • ✓ = Ok
  • ✘ = Cancel or Call Menu
  • Circle = Hide/Show button
  • Icon List = Cheat
  • One press to move and interact
  • One press hold to speed up text
  • Two finger press to open/close menu and cancel
  • Two finger press during dialog hides the dialog

5. installation note:

Read the FAQ on the Blog Menu for settings. Usually players only need to install the following steps:

  1. Extract/Install.
  2. Crack if needed.
  3. Play game.
  4. Have fun ^^.

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 by lít in 25/02/2022

bật cheat ở đâu v ad ơi

 by Lucci in 25/02/2022

cái icon thứ 2 bên phải từ trên xuống nhé bro.

 by Quanh in 26/02/2022

Nó bảo nói với cái light bub để bắt đầu main story là ở đâu vậy ạ

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