Game Details

  • Name: Kamikaze Kommittee Ouka RPG 2
  • Developer: Ankoku Marimokan
  • Translator: No
  • Version: v1.05
  • OS: Windows, Android
  • Date: 2020-01-01
  • Size: PC~ 401mb; Apk~113mb
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Japanese Game, Censored, Ahegao, Rape, School Setting, Female Protagonist, RPG, Vaginal Sex, Creampie, Group Sex, Internal View, BDSM, Sex Toys, Urination, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Pregnancy, Multiple Endings, Mind Control, Scat


  • FixedSome-Art.png

1. OverView:

There exists a girl that transfers from school to school.
Leaving a trail of juvenile delinquent blood in her path.
People call her Kaptain Kamikaze!!

The setting this time is the all boys school Danmura Academy, a school with a longer running tradition than Seiji.
Due to the declining population, it has become a co-ed school, but the ratio of boys to girls is still about 9:1.

After receiving a request to get rid of the delinquent students, Ouka makes her appearance.
As a school with such a long running history of male dominance and chauvinism,
it naturally gets thrown into chaos with the addition of girls, who none of these boys are used to.

Finally, the delinquents set themselves to returning the school back to being all male,
and seek to turn all the female students into cum dumps in the old school building.

Ouka must beat down the delinquents, save the schoolgirls, and restore balance to the school.

But it seems the delinquents have learned an ancient school technique, capable of forcing girls to submit to them.

Just how will things turn out this time?


Password Download:


3. mod note:

Mod only on android:

  • Gold
  • Recovery
  • Stats

4. control:

  • ✓ = Ok
  • ✘ = Cancel or Call Menu
  • Gamepad = Hide/Show button
  • Coin = Cheat
  • One press to move and interact
  • One press hold to speed up text
  • Two finger press to open/close menu and cancel
  • Two finger press during dialog hides the dialog

5. installation note:

Read the FAQ on the Blog Menu for settings. Usually players only need to install the following steps:

  1. Extract/Install.
  2. Crack if needed.
  3. Play game.
  4. Have fun ^^.

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 by Vô lý in 13/02/2022

Khúc đánh nhau đầu game lỗi rồi ad:(((

 by Lucci in 13/02/2022

Để mình xem lại chút, trong giả lập LDplayer mình oánh ok lắm.

 by Vô lý in 13/02/2022

Trên Android chọn đánh, thủ hay item nó lỗi hết

 by Bio in 14/02/2022

Có sever discord ko ad ;-; Mình người mới

 by Just_1999 in 14/02/2022

Error android

 by Lucci in 14/02/2022

Đã fix xong nhé bro!

 by Tarax in 14/02/2022

There is bug when the first fight something like error

 by Lucci in 14/02/2022

I fixed it

 by Han in 14/02/2022

Failed to load:img/battlecomands/Com.Arts.png

 by Lucci in 14/02/2022

Mình sửa xong rồi nhé.

 by giáo chủ loli in 14/02/2022

trận đầu tiên ngay khúc bắt đầu game , bị lỗi cứ retry retry hoài phần android nhé ad

 by Lucci in 14/02/2022

Mình sửa rồi nhé!

 by Meh in 14/02/2022

Error in game. Failure to load Battle Commands Com-Arts.png

 by Lucci in 14/02/2022

I fixed it

 by đáng bùn in 14/02/2022

đoạn đầu lỗi ad ơi :(((

 by Lucci in 14/02/2022

Đã fix nhé bro!

 by Pháp sư trung hoa in 14/02/2022

Việt hóa con này đi ad

 by N in 16/02/2022

game có ugly bastard à ad

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